Capri Blue Gilded Muse Faceted Jars

$ 44.99

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These gorgeous glass faceted jars fill any room with purpose and grace. There are three different color jars that each have their own amazing scents!

The rose gold candle demands attention from the start with its sparkling metallic finish and notes of mimosa flower, grapefruit and violet. Pairing this with a pitcher of mimosas and some friends is recommended, but not required.

The gorgeous onyx faceted jar is a certified show stopper, and the essence of Smoked Clove & Tobac has a deep fragrant blend of ginger, clove, geranium, and tobacco. This jar brings chic high fashion and fragrance all together in one jar!

Immerse yourself in the citrus and floral scents of the Citrus & Violet Haze Gilded Faceted Jar. This chrome faceted jar is a statement piece and brings modern elegance to any space.

Be a V.I.P.!