Shower Bombs

$ 7.99

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100% natural! Leave it in the shower for multiple uses or break it up and use as needed. It's made to last longer than one shower...just keep it out of sight of running water.

Each bomb is made for something different, from allergies to headaches. Below is a break down of what each bomb is for that we have in stock.

Eucalyptus: eases sinus & chest congestion
Lavender: promotes relaxation & aid in restful sleep
Peppermint: known to ease migraines & headaches and help the mind in focusing
Tea Tree: relieves bug bites, blemishes & light skin irritations
Aller-Ease: Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint: help relieve allergies
Sweet Orange: for anxiety and promotes focus

Be a V.I.P.!