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The Turquoise Pistol

The McIntire 8 oz Candles

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  • McIntire Saddlery discovered years ago that leather would hold the smells way longer than other car scent material and that they can be re-scented! Having many years of experience with leather, they decided to add scent to the leather to make the best-smelling product on the market!
  • These scents are expertly hand-crafted in their warehouse in TEXAS!
  • Use them in the car/truck, home, office and even school lockers!
  • They make great gift items for friends and family!
  • Pioneer Kitchen - Smells like baking warm pumpkin bread on a cozy fall evening!
  • CattlemanSmells like a clean fresh showered mature man! Little bit of woodsy soap and cologne.
  • Tumbleweed - Where the Texas plains meet the woody pines in a fresh soft, soothing year-round scent that's not really masculine or feminine.
  • Saddle Shop -  Like walking into a saddle shop